Racer Services


Are you serious about your job as a motorcycle racer? That’s right, notice the word, “job” in the previous sentence. Whether you are making a decent living at racing, or just doing it for enjoyment, the moment you start getting sponsorship from companies is when racing should be considered a job.

I have created resumes for many top riders such as Brad Baker, Jake Johnson, Briar Bauman, Sammy Halbert, Nick McFadden, Dustin Dominguez, Kenny Venarchick, Nichole Mees, Bronson Bauman, Kyle Johnson, Dalton Gauthier, Tyler Scott, Stevie Bonsey, Jarod Vanderkooi, Brandon Price and more..

As a motorcycle racer, I know how important sponsorship is to your success on and off the track. In addition to racing at the professional level in AMA Pro Flat Track & AMA Pro Road Racing, I have also obtained a college degree in Business Studies where I graduated with highest honors. Aside from competing, I am also a free lance journalist. You can find my writings in Cycle World Magazine and other publications. I was also the owner of and co-hosted the Flat Track Weekly Radio show, which was a weekly internet podcast that has attracted 100,000+ listeners since its inception in July of 2013. In 2016, I temporarily discontinued to the show to focus on my racing career.

So, why choose me? I wish the answer was, “just because”, but as a client, you deserve more than that. I can’t guarantee you will automatically get sponsored by Red Bull and Alpinestars, but I can guarantee that the athletes that do get sponsored by such companies have a resume that will be very similar to yours. I will also offer some guidance along the way that will help get you started.

I am one of the few professional racers at the top level who has obtained a college degree. In addition to creating resumes, I also have experience in writing press releases and sponsorship proposals. I have created content and managed various social media accounts within the motorsports industry, vastly increasing companies reach and follower count, sometimes up to a 500% increase over one year with minimum paid ads. Aside from racing, I have knowledge in drafting business and marketing plans for your company. Need something done that you don’t see here? Just ask and I am sure we can get it done.

For prices, please shoot me a message via the contact page on my website or email me: ctex@promosbyctex.com.