Daytona Bike Week Recap

AFT GNC TT, Daytona Beach, FL  10-7-2017
AFT GNC TT, Daytona Beach, FL 10-7-2017

Another Daytona Bike Week in the books. Here is a quick recap from my week:

AMA All-Star National: Savannah, GA March 7th
The first race of this series each season is always very competitive. There were about 30 riders in each of my classes. I rode my 2010 Honda CRF 450 and felt good on it all day. I ended up winning both main events in the Pro Singles and Super Singles classes. No complaints. Great start to the season.
AMA Racing All Star National Half Mile, Savannah, GA  3-9-2018
AMA Racing All Star National Half Mile, Savannah, GA 3-9-2018
AMA All-Star National: Barberville, FL March 9th
I felt good again on my 2010 Honda, but we opted to ride one of the new 2017’s we just built for the season so we could get some testing on it. I felt solid on the bike. There are still a lot of things we can do to make it better. I finished a close second in the Pro Singles main event and came back to win the Super Singles main event after a bad start.
Three wins and a second place to start off the week. Can’t complain too much about that. A lot of competition and even though the bikes weren’t 100%, we were able to grind out some good results.
AMA Racing All Star National Half Mile, Barberville, FL  3-11-2018
AMA Racing All Star National Half Mile, Barberville, FL 3-11-2018
American Flat Track National: Daytona Beach, FL March 15th
The first national of the season was at the Daytona TT. I really like TT’s, but they aren’t my strongest type of track we race on. There were 63 riders at the season opener and I knew it would be challenging. The track was pretty basic. Long straightaways that required a lot of hard front braking, a jump, and a switchback. I felt ok in qualifying. I think I was P9 overall. I had a pretty crummy heat race and finished with a P7. I turned it around somewhat for the semi and finished with a P4 which put me on the inside second row for the main event.
I was confident heading into the main event. We made some changes to the bike that I was certain would benefit me. After the first red flag, I knew the changes we made weren’t a good decision. After the restart, I battled as hard as I could and ended up crossing the checkered flags in p11.
I was a little annoyed with the result, because I know we are better than that. However, it could have been a lot worse also. It was pretty chaotic out there. A lot of riders had the first race jitters and were riding way over their heads. There are a lot of adjustments I have to work on with riding the singles class. The main events are shorter than I am used to and the races are more of a sprint, than a marathon. We will make adjustments and be ready for the next national in Woodstock, GA on April 7th. I wish it was tomorrow. I am ready to get back on the track.