Meet My Sponsors: Full Spectrum


With the technology advancements in motorcycling today, it’s essential to have a good battery to power the core electronics of your steed. If the battery acts up or goes bad while you are racing, the whole electronics in your motorcycle shuts off. Not only does this crush your chances of having a successful race, but it can also be dangerous depending on where it shuts off and how fast you’re going. With that being said, there is only one brand of battery I trust and that’s Full Spectrum.

Full Spectrum is an American made, Lithium-based motorcycle battery. Full Spectrum started building batteries in 2008 and took no shortcuts when designing their top of the line batteries. They have a few different models of batteries available depending on your motorcycle size, but I currently use the P2 in all my Kawasaki twin race bikes. The Pulse P2 is perfect for engines between 601cc and 1000cc. It is capable of starting 1000cc WSBK engines and is used by multiple factory teams in race series across the world. With 250 cranking amps and a 5 amp hour capacity, it’s capable of lasting an entire race day without needing a charge. It’s also extremely lightweight at just 1.7lbs, which saves up to 7lbs from your stock battery.

Need more cranking amps? Choose the P3 battery. At 2.2lbs, it has 375 cranking amps and a 7.5 amp hour capacity!

It’s essential to have confidence in your battery on race day. As most racers know, confidence is 90% of the battle and Full Spectrum makes it possible for me to have no worries when it comes to that department.

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