Top-10 Non-Inspirational Post Race Phrases


As a racer who has had his fair share of disappointing races (especially this season), I put together a list of the Top-10 things I hate hearing after a bad day at the track. While I appreciate the effort to make me feel better, nothing can be said at that point in time to make up for not performing well. I am sure all racers out there can relate to at least some of these.


  1. “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it” – One of the worst.


  1. “At least you were out there trying your best” – Why don’t you just slap a participation ribbon on my bike right now?


  1. “At least you made the main” – This one makes me cringe. Not that making mains is easy at this level, but when you have been on the podium multiple times, you aren’t going to be satisfied with making the main and finishing 15th.


  1. “You had fun though, right? That’s all that matters” – Something your Grandma would say to make you feel better. Thanks Positive Polly, but this isn’t youth soccer. Having fun doesn’t put money in the bank.


  1. “At least you made the semi” – See number 3, but much worse. I don’t think ANYONE’s goal is to make the qualifying race. Actually, any statement that starts with “At least..” usually isn’t very motivating.


  1. “It’s not your fault, the track sucked” – Same track for everyone. It’s still my fault.


  1. “You’ll get them next time” – I wanted to “get them” this time AND next time.


  1. “Your bike just wasn’t working. We missed the set-up” -Nine times out of ten, this is just an excuse statement. “We missed the set-up”. What does that even mean? Again, nine times out of ten. Sometimes that phrase holds true, but a couple pounds of air pressure and half a inch added to the swingarm length isn’t going to instantly make you a hero. Put Jared Mees on the same bike you just struggled on and he would probably still finish on the podium.


  1. “At least you qualified well” – Qualifying doesn’t pay the bills. Plus sometimes the track conditions are way different for each practice group. I can’t tell you how many times at the Springfield Mile, someone qualified in the Top 5 and didn’t make the main event. I never get too excited or down on myself with qualifying results. When I got my first podium at the Arizona Mile, I qualified 17th.


  1. “Yeah, but your start was awesome!” – At least I collected that holeshot money. Oh wait, those don’t exist. If I got the holeshot and I still sucked, it definitely wasn’t a good day at the track.