Meet My Sponsors: McElroy Packaging

McElroy Packaging

If you have been around or have followed the sport of American Flat Track over the past few seasons, you most likely have heard or seen the name McElroy Packaging.

Aside from sponsoring different racers including Shayna & myself, McElroy Packaging has been a huge supporter of the sport itself. They have given the “McElroy Packaging Lucky 13” Award the past couple of seasons to the rider who leads Lap 13 of the AFT Twins main event. They have also given support to AFT Singles riders with different awards for leading laps and top finishing rookie riders at each race.

I have been sponsored by the McElroy Packaging family for a few seasons now. The relationship started because of my sister, Shayna. After Shayna won Knoxville in 2011, Larry & Steve McElroy read about her accomplishment and reached out to offer some support for her program. A couple years later, they stepped up to help out my program and we have continued the relationship ever since. They truly do put word “family” in family business.

What do they do exactly? The short answer is: Make boxes. However, it’s not even close to being that simple. The company offers complete packaging design and can pretty much make a box for anything you need. They can create custom box designs, shapes and cut-outs. The boxes are high quality and always exceed expectations. When I started and owned Defy All Odds Apparel, they designed me some custom boxes to ship my apparel and sunglasses. They have also made me custom boxes to ship number plates and a variety of other things over the years.

They didn’t get into supporting the sport of Flat Track to sell more boxes. They truly love racing and are even riders themselves. They are motorcycling enthusiasts and ride their bikes to a lot of races on the schedule.

If you own a business or you are in need of custom shipping boxes or packaging supplies, give the crew at McElroy Packaging a call.

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