Meet My Sponsors: Law Tigers



One of my main sponsors this season is Law Tigers. I first met Ari Levenbaum from Law Tigers last season after my first career AFT Twins podium finish at the Arizona Mile. I was really impressed with Ari’s passion of motorcycling and  the whole concept of Law Tigers. I had to get them involved with my program for 2017 simply because it was a company that I strongly believed in.

Started in 2001, Law Tigers are a network of local motorcycle accident attorneys who are committed to protecting fellow motorcyclists. You heard that right, the crew at Law Tigers are motorcycle riders themselves, which gives them a lot of credibility when understanding motorcycles, bikers and how certain accidents take place.

The group at Law Tigers are proud members of the following motorcycle organizations:

• American Association of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers® (founders)
• American Motorcycle Association
• Motorcycle Safety Foundation
• A.B.A.T.E.
• Motorcycle Riders Foundation
• Goldwing Road Riders Association
• Harley Owners Group
• STAR Touring
• BMW Motorcycle Owners of America

Aside from everything I have already talked about, Law Tigers are a big supporter of Flat Track and other racing events across the country. They currently sponsor the Arizona Mile every year in Phoenix, as well as other local events around the country.

If you are put in a situation where you need legal assistance or injury compensation when riding your motorcycle, give the team at Law Tigers a call. You won’t be disappointed.

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