Sixth Man/Shayna Texter Racing to Race The Five Mile Grand National Round & The Don Tilley Memorial Half Mile


Courtesy of: The Mile News





UntitledPhoto by: Jeffrey Parrish


Willow Street, PA (March 25, 2015)  – What began as a casual conversation between Crosley Brands, CEO, Bo LeMastus and Shayna Texter, ostensibly to revisit the Crosley Brands sponsorship of Shayna’s 2013 Pro Singles season and sketch out some ideas for a 2016 GNC1 season, has become something more, and something more immediate. Bo LeMastus and Shayna Texter are happy to announce the formation of Sixth Man/Shayna Texter Racing. For 2015, the newly formed GNC1 Team will enter all 5 of the Grand National Mile Rounds, to include Springfield I & II, The Sacramento Mile, The ‘Magic Mile’ at DuQuoin, Ilinois and The Indy Mile. In addition, Shayna will run the freshly announced Don Tilley Memorial in Charlotte, N.C. for Sixth Man/Shayna Texter Racing.

All of Shayna’s fans clearly recall the 2013 AMA Pro Flat Track season where Shayna lit up the track and put fans on their feet with barn-burner rides in the Pro Singles Main Events at The Sacramento Mile and The Indy Mile. Then, in late August 2013, Shayna Texter took the double-checkers in back-to-back rounds of “Basic Twins” events on the legendary Springfield Mile. For Sixth Man/Shayna Texter Racing, Shayna will once again ride a Kawasaki EX 650 based flat tracker. The Team gives special thanks to Apex Manufacturing for the fine Kawasaki EX 650 that they have supplied to the program.

Similar to Shayna’s race program of 2012 and 2013, the Sixth Man/Shayna Texter Racing game plan allows Shayna to be “hands on” in all aspects of the campaign, foremost, to include the set up and tuning of her Kawasaki flat trackers. While Rich Hanson will continue as Shayna’s lead mechanic, Shayna has said that she is looking forward to running with a Team that provides ample resources to field quality racing machines and yet also allows Shayna to oversee and participate in all aspects of the program. Shayna calls it “getting back to basics” to move in a forward direction.

“I am really excited about the 2015 season. Last season was my first year in the Expert ranks. Although I had some success, I learned I had a lot to work on this offseason with myself, and my program, if I want to be competitive at this level. I am confident with the team assembled behind me that I can reach my goals for this year and beyond. I am very excited to get to Springfield and put on my work clothes.”

For Bo LeMastus, the commitment to put Shayna on the seat of a Kawasaki-powered flat tracker and to enter the 5 Mile rounds is a move in a good direction for Shayna. “Every rider in the AMA Pro National series has found their way to that level by being committed to a long-range goal and by meeting and exceeding the many smaller goals and milestones that are necessary along the path. This year, Shayna is set to build on the many successes that she has garnered in flat track motorcycle racing through hard work, determination and always being prepared to do whatever it takes to reach the next horizon. We will work with Shayna to build this program in a way that works for Shayna. I think of it like this: if you focus on always trying to put good in, good will eventually spill over and good things will happen! Shayna deserves our support and we are committed to be there along the way, not just when the checkers are flying at the end of the day.”

The Sixth Man/Shayna Texter Racing GNC Mile program is set to provide good support in the race shop and at the track for 2015. Given the combined effort of everyone involved, coupled with Shayna’s focus, the Team has all the fuel it needs to bridge Shayna’s flat track roots with a forward-reaching program that she can build on, for 2016 and beyond.